Department of Geosciences

Promoting Sparsity and Localization in Geophysical Inverse Problems:  Methodology and Case Studies

Frederik J. Simons

Princeton University

Sometimes we don't have enough information, sometimes we have too much and need to choose.  Sometimes our data present a highly incomplete picture of the truth, and sometimes there is so much redundancy and overdeterminacy that we need to cull it down somehow.  In this talk, I will discuss several ways to shed light on problems of this nature.  I will talk about the problem of reconstructing global sea level from sparse, uncertain, scattered indicators of local sea level.  I will introduce the design of flexible parameterizations to render inverse problems in geodesy and geomagnetics sparse.  I will discuss sparsity-promoting algorithms in global seismology.  Lastly, I will discuss how to weigh the Earth from space by monitoring the mass balance of the Greenland ice sheets using time-variable gravity.  Each of these subtopics are connected by the mathematical approach with which we treat them - I will briefly highlight the key innovations and discuss the often widespread implications of the results.


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