Geosciences at Virginia Tech

Graduate Students

Kristin Dorfler
Ph.D. Candidate, Metamorphic Petrology

5043 Derring Hall
+1.540.231.3386 (FAX)

Mailing Address:
Geosciences MC 0420
1425 Perry St., Room 4044
Blacksburg, VA 24061

B.S., Environmental Geology, The College of William and Mary, 2009

Research Interests:

  • High- to ultrahigh temperature contact metamorphism
  • Using computer software to understand the petrogenesis of metamorphic rocks
  • Diffusion in minerals and melts
  • Kinetics of metamorphic reactions

Thesis Title:

Constraining the Kinetic Controls on Mineral Reactions and Textural Development in High-Pressure, UHT Contact Metamorphic Rocks

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