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Mark J. Caddick
Assistant Professor of Geology

5060, Derring Hall
+1.540.231.9919 (Phone)
+1.540.231.3386 (FAX)

Mailing Address:
4044 Derring Hall (0420)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

PhD., Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge
M.Sci., Earth Sciences, University of Bristol



My research broadly addresses processes at plate margins, as recorded by magmatic and metamorphic rocks. My approach is multi-disciplinary, but with emphasis on unravelling tectonic histories by understanding preserved minerals, mineral textures, and geochemical signatures. I employ and develop several computer codes for studying chemical equilibrium and disequilibrium in rocks. These methods aim to illustrate both the paths that rocks and melts take through the crust, and the duration over which they evolve.

Current projects involve developing techniques for better understanding rates of metamorphism, and focused studies on rocks from a wide variety of settings (e.g. the Himalayas, Alps and Aegean) that experienced a diverse range of magmatic and metamorphic conditions. Together, results can help to reveal both the processes that control evolution of the Earth's crust, and their rates.

Professional Experience

2011-present: Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
2010-2011: Oberassistent, ETH Zürich
2005-2010: Post-doctoral researcher, ETH Zürich

More Information

You can find out much more about me and the VT Metamorphic Processes group (including current and future projects, our group members, facilities, and publications) on our website:

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