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You will find past issues of Geosciences Magazine available below as PDF files. If you're interested in an issue that is not listed on this page, please contact Mary McMurray.

Summer 2011 Geosciences Magazine cover

Summer 2011 Geosciences Magazine

  • Geosciences Students Visit New Mexico
  • 2011 Geosciences Commencement
  • Scott King — Out There!
  • Professor Jeffery Seitz (Ph.D. '94)
Fall 2010 Geosciences Magazine cover

Fall 2010 Geosciences Magazine

  • 16th Annual Alumni Dinner
  • 2010 Geosciences Commencement
  • An Interview with Fred Webb
  • A Seismic Moment in Time with Martin Chapman
Spring 2010 Geosciences Magazine cover

Spring 2010 Geosciences Magazine

  • 15th Annual Alumni Dinner
  • 2009 Geosciences Commencement
  • Drs. Read and Rimstidt to Retire this Spring
  • Alumni Today: Jason Hinkle and Mickey Gunter
Winter-Spring 2009 Geosciences Magazine cover

Winter-Spring 2009 Geosciences Magazine

  • Ross Angel and the Virginia Tech Crystallography Lab
  • 2008 Geosciences Commencement Address
  • 2008 Alumni-Faculty Dinner
Fall 2007 Geosciences Magazine cover

Fall 2007 Geosciences Magazine

  • 100th Year Anniversary Celebration
  • 2007 Geosciences Commencement

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