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Geosciences Main Office

The Geosciences main office accepts letters and packages on behalf of our faculty, staff, and students at the following address:

Mailing Address:
Geosciences (MC0420)
Derring Hall, RM4044, Virginia Tech
1405 Perry ST
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Phone: +1.540.231.6521
Fax: +1.540.231.3386


Dr. Nancy L. Ross
4044 Derring Hall

Administrative Assistants

Ms. Mary McMurray
4044 Derring Hall
Ms. Sharon Collins
4044 Derring Hall

Business Manager

Ms. Jo Thomason
4044b Derring Hall

Undergraduate Student Affairs

Ms. Connie Lowe, Student Coordinator
4050 Derring Hall

Dr. Richard D. Law, Chair of Undergraduate Affairs
5105A Derring Hall

Graduate Student Affairs

Ms. Connie Lowe, Student Coordinator
4050 Derring Hall

Dr. Kenneth A. Eriksson, Chair of Graduate Student Affairs Committee
2045 Derring Hall

Alumni Relations

Dr. Michael F. Hochella, Jr.
5049 Derring Hall
Ms. Mary McMurray
4044 Derring Hall

Virginia Tech Seismological Observatory

The Virginia Tech Seismological Observatory provides information about earthquakes felt in Virginia.

Dr. Martin C. Chapman
1059 Derring Hall
Ms. Ellen Mathena
4044 Derring Hall

Museum of Geosciences

The Museum of Geosciences offers exhibits and programs and is open to the public. Group visits with advance notice only, please!

2062 Derring Hall

Dr. Robert J. Tracy
Ms. Llyn Sharp

Field research at home and abroad

Students in the field
Photo: Dr. M. Schreiber

Students examine the groundwater hydrology of local karst regions.

Adventures in South Africa
Photo: Dr. S. Xiao

Field studies in South Africa lead to unexpected adventures.