Geosciences at Virginia Tech

Houston Area Geosciences Support Group


Purpose: The Houston Area Virginia Tech Geosciences Support Group (HAVTGSG) is formed to complement the Alumni Relations Committee (ARC). HAVTGSG is expected to work closely with ARC on a more local level in support of the Department of Geosciences at Virginia Tech.

Expectations: The primary goal of HAVTGSG would be to provide an important communications link between Houston area Virginia Tech Geosciences alumni and the Department in Blacksburg to support and promote the image and visibility of the Geosciences Department at Virginia Tech. The group would facilitate a cooperative and coordinated effort to support the Department locally. A few expectations are listed below:

  • Coordinating potential data or hardware contributions for the University within individual companies, by companies banding together, or by companies jointly working with contractors or service companies.
  • Fostering an interest in recruiting or possible funding of the Department by more companies working through Virginia Tech graduates at those companies. With every merger there are obviously fewer potential companies to interview at Virginia Tech. And with every round of layoffs, more connections to the history of the geosciences at Virginia Tech are lost in the industry. This effort could increase industrial companies interested in and awareness of Virginia Tech and at the same time may provide more employment opportunities for graduates of the Department.
  • Helping the Department in collecting better/more complete information on where graduating students end up upon graduating. Local Virginia Tech alumni could then use this departmental information as a statistical database to support recruiting efforts within their company.
  • Starting an organized program where Virginia Tech professors/students in Houston for a convention/conference could visit industry/company offices. This is a win/win opportunity for Virginia Tech and for companies which overcomes the geographical distance between Houston and Blacksburg in a cost-effective manner. (It was an extremely successful program at Texaco several years ago that eventual evolved into a similar effort with six schools.)
  • Provide a job network for Houston Hokies predominantly in the oil industry. There are Virginia Tech alumni employed at numerous E&P and service companies around Houston, some in very important positions within those companies. As industry continues to decrease in size, networking is becoming an increasingly important means of continued employment. With over 100 Geosciences alumni in the Houston area, there is a tremendous networking opportunity for our graduates, which is not being fully utilized.

Organization: A coordinator and a number of individuals selected by the coordinator to help him/her will organize the efforts and activities of HAVTGSG. Mike Strickler ('83), as the founder of HAVTGSG is asked to be the first coordinator. There is no term-limit for coordinator and others involved.

Key Contacts

Coordinator: Mike Strickler ('83)

Wendi (Thompson) Sudhakar ('92 & '96)

Shelley Ellison Tyree ('98 & '01)

Geosciences Scrapbook

Professor Emeritus of Geophysics, John Costain