Geosciences at Virginia Tech

Alumni Relations Committee

Alumni Relations Committee Charter

Purpose: The purpose of the Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) of the Department of Geosciences at Virginia Tech is to enhance ties between the alumni community and department (faculty, staff, and students).

Expectations: The ARC is expected to:

  • compile a history of the department written by faculty and alumni
  • publish the newsletter (one or two times per year)
  • arrange a homecoming alumni/faculty dinner
  • provide financial support to deserving students through fund raising
  • identify mentors to guide students in career choices and opportunities
  • respond to alumni contacts with the Department

Composition: The ARC is composed of faculty (including emeriti) and alumni members who are professionals committed to the success of the Department and who have considerable experience in government, academia, or the private sector. The Department Chairman serves as the primary link between the ARC and Department.

Appointment: The Department Chairman appoints the Committee Chair and members to the ARC, in consultation with the current membership. There is no term limitation for the ARC members.

Meetings: The ARC Chairman or Department Chairman can call for a meeting.

Agenda: The person calling for a meeting prepares the agenda for the meetings.

Current Members

  • Mike Hochella, Committee Chair and Professor (BS Class of 1975, MS Class of 1977)
  • F. Donald Bloss, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • John K. Costain, Professor Emeritus of Geophysics
  • Cahit Çoruh, Former Department Chair and Professor Emeritus of Geophysics
  • Matthew Mikulich, Chevron Corporation, Chief Geophysicist and Principal Technical Advisor (Retired), Adjunct Professor of Geophysics, Ex-Officio Member
  • Kenneth Eriksson, Professor, Ex-Officio Member


Please direct any questions or suggestions on alumni relations to Mike Hochella. Questions and/or suggestions about this webpage or other issues related to the Department of Geosciences can also be sent to Kenneth Eriksson.

Geosciences Scrapbook

J. D. Rimstidt, A. K. Sinha, and Ph.D. student John Hogan (now a professor at the University of Missouri-Rolla) show that geologists are always serious. (Photograph taken at a Geosciences gathering, circa 1982.)