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The Department of Geosciences is located in Derring Hall on the Blacksburg campus of Virginia Tech.

Blacksburg is located in the folded and thrust-faulted Valley and Ridge Province of the eastern United States, only 30 minutes from the Appalachian structural front and an hour from the igneous and metamorphic complexes of the Blue Ridge and Piedmont.

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Derring Hall, Home of Geosciences and Biological Sciences

Derring Hall

Paul Derring, a gifted blind man, was recruited by Tech English chairman Carol Newman (for whom Newman Library is named) in 1918 to direct religious, cultural, and recreational life. He acted as placement officer, counseling center director, student activity center director, and informal loan officer. He brought outstanding speakers to campus (including George Washington Carver), provided the first guest room for campus visitors, and always made time for students who wanted to talk.